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Picture of Colonel Rizwan Ali, Managing Director of cyMars

Photograph of Colonel Rizwan Ali in his official US Air Force uniform

Rizwan Ali, Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

Rizwan “Riz” Ali, is Managing Director of cyMars, a C-suite and corporate cybersecurity consulting company. He is a retired Colonel from the US Air Force with three decades of experience in cybersecurity, information technology and space systems.

Riz has held the military equivalent of C-suite and corporate-level jobs to include CEO, COO, CIO and CISO positions and has a history of working on governance, advisory and non-profit boards.

During his military career, Riz commanded four large organizations, including a combat communications squadron, an airbase communications squadron, a 1,500-person combat support group and an Air Force-level center. His other assignments have taken him from field units to combat headquarters to The Pentagon. In his last position in the military, he was responsible for establishing and implementing cyber policies and strategies on behalf of Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and NATO’s military commands. He also advised NATO headquarters and NATO Allies on cyber issues. Prior to that position, he was commander of the Air Force Network Integration Center, the US Air Force’s largest cybersecurity and engineering organization with over 1,000 personnel and responsibilities across the Air Force.

His work has had national and international impact. He was on the inter-governmental teams that wrote the President’s National Security Space Policy and the Secretary of Defense’s Space Policy. Additionally, he was on the international teams which wrote NATO’s Enhanced Cyber Defense Policy and the SACEUR’s cyber policy.

Riz is also a member of the US space cadre with 11 years of experience with space systems procurement, operations and maintenance. He is a Cybersecurity Policy Fellow at New America. New America a non-partisan think tank and civic enterprise committed to renewing American politics, prosperity, and purpose in the Digital Age.