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Think of cyMars as your Virtual CISO

Strategic cybersecurity consulting

More and more companies every year realize they can no longer afford the costs associated with cyber attacks, cyber intrusions and data breaches. They bring in a person to be their Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). However, there are many companies who cannot afford to hire a dedicated CISO. cyMars is here to help C-suite executives and boards dramatically strengthen their company’s cybersecurity posture without the expense of a full time CISO.

It’s important for C-suite executives and corporate boards to get cybersecurity advice from an outside perspective. How often does your company seek an outside advice from someone besides a vendor?

All businesses need to plan for cyber intrusions. Effective continuity plans need to be developed and reviewed preiodically. Has your business continuity plan been developed and tested?

Security plans and procedures need to be developed and evaluated from a strategic business perspective. Have your plans and procedures been developed and reviewed by only your IT staff?

All employees need to be receive initial and refresher cybersecurity training, not just the CIO / IT staff. How effective is your training regimen?

A Virtual CISO can solve many of the cybersecurity staffing challenges faced by small, mid and large businesses.

New cyber threats per minute
Companies who will have a data breach
Companies with no data breach plan
Average cost of a data breach
Yearly cyberthreat increase
Projected increase in cybersecurity spending
Yearly increase in ransomware
Companies attacked by ransomware get infected

Cybersecurity trends

  • Nation-state actors will increase attacks

  • Cyber-criminals will increase in sophistication

  • Healthcare industry will remain a prime target

  • The growth in ‘Internet of Things’ devices make cybersecurity more of a challenge

  • Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges
  • Companies will increase their need to have C-suite level cyber experts

Industries at risk:

  • Healthcare

  • Financial services

  • Manufacturing

  • Public utilities

  • Legal

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Education

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